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This website is currently under construction, mostly because I don't really know what I'm doing so sometimes pages break or glitch. I'll figure it out eventually :')

Welcome to my website, where I post about anything and everything that interests me. From movies I've watched, how my day has been, music I've been listening to, and more. This website's main purposes are first and foremost, as a way of documentation. Secondly, I'll be using this website to try and improve in my html coding skills. If you ever see glitched out and incomplete pages, no you didn't :)

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Hope you enjoy! Take a moment to look at my graphics collection while you're here,,,

stamp collection

stamp that reads 'horror fan' with a background image of jason voorhees in a hockey maskstamp that reads 'tamagotchi' in messy textgif stamp with a black background and many eyes opening one at a timestamp of a furbystamp of the snickering cat memestamp of bats flyingstamp that reads 'can't sleep, clowns will eat me' with a rainbow backgroundstamp of a beanie baby wormstamp that reads 'i love old web' with the image of a computerstamp of glow-in-the-dark starsstamp that reads 'biohazard' with the radioactive symbolstamp that reads 'the internet is cool because'stamp that reads 'i chew ice cubes' with the image of a cartoon ice cubestamp that reads 'black cat lover' with a background image of a black catstamp that reads'comic sans is an okay font'stamp of chucky and tiff from the Child's Play movies with the text 'OMG'stamp that reads 'creature feature' in green lettersstamp that reads 'I support root beer floats' with a graphic of a root beer floatstamp that reads 'rest in xp' with the old windows logostamp that reads 'caution my brain is leaking' in yellow text


blinkie that reads i heart thrift storesblinkie that reads i heart my online friends!blinkie that reads i heart horror moviesblinkie that reads heart trans visibilityblinkie that reads i can't live without this...with a pixelated computerblinkie that reads 'outlaw' with star badges around itblinkie that reads there's no place like my homepageblinkie that reads 'reach for the stars' with a background image of planets and twinkling starsblinkie that reads 'over the rainbow' in different coloursblinkie that reads 'i love cats' with the image of a cat two hearts around the textblinkie that reads 'I am Crazy!'blinkie that reads 'I hate pop-ups'blinkie that reads 'I glow in the dark'blinkie that reads 'completely blinkified'blinkie that reads 'my back hurts!'blinkie that reads 'i love my blog' with hearts around the textblinkie that reads 'hi cutie pie'blinkie that reads'i play violent videogames'


Repositioned the banner; it is now only two rows of text instead of divided into three.


Garfield the cat sitting smugly with his teddy bearWelcome. any prns. I'm woodnrust on tumblr


What can you tell about me based on my music taste? ',:)


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