fist movie entry

Just a smaller update, but I finally uploaded my first movie review. I know that I said before that I would be uploading a review of the entire Child's Play franchise, but I've found that not only would that be very very time consuming to have to type out, but that I'd most likely have to rewatch all of them over again because I've probably forgotten some details that I had in mind before. Would it probably have been better to write my review after I finished each movie? Yeah. Did I? No, because apparently I'm really bad at thinking ahead. So I want to get that review out eventually but I have no garauntee of when that'll be. But anyway, I did finally upload my first movie review in the movies tab, which is about the movie Bound(1996). Something that I found while I was working on it is that I actually had some issues with hotlinking with my tab icon (if you're on desktop, it's that little rotating blue star that's up in the tab) as well as hotlinking issues with the image of the files (that you see to the left of this text).

In case you don't know what hotlinking is, it's basically like when you post an image somewhere, but instead of uploading the image from your computer, you post the image link which converts into the image itself. But this is an issue with neocities because there's only a certain amount of space on the neocities servers, and by hotlinking instead of uploading an image from your computer, you're forcing the servers to find the source of the link so that it can display the image, which makes the server run slower for everybody else. So I realized today that those two things were hotlinked so I fixed them.

With all that being said,, if you click on the second folder to the left of this text, it will bring you to the movies tab where you will be able to view the movie reviews that are currently available, so be sure to check that out.

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