updating during class

I have quite a few classes where we never do anything, so I've been using that time to make updates to my site. So, you might have noticed that there's a little bit of a gap in between my journal entries with no other updates to the site as well. This is because I mostly update my website during days when I have school (since I have to be on the computer anyways) but we had a vacation and also the day that my vacation started my phone got a virus and died. (RIP to my Samsung A20, 2020-2021 you will be missed). But anyway, during that time I was incredibly bored because I had nothing to do, or rather, I couldn't do the things that I normally do the way that I would normally do them.

And I really like doing things the way that I had done them before which was; I go onto the computer for school work, I update my site after class, I do whatever for a while, then at night if I want to watch a movie or listen to music from the comfort of my bed. But without a phone, it was kind of hard to relax because I didn't have any reason to go onto my computer since I was on vacation, I couldn't do whatever on my phone because I didn't have one, and over all I just didn't really want to do anything. But, now that everything's gone back to normal, it's given me time to think about the direction that I want this site to go in and how I'm gonna do it.

So I'm using my free time in my classes to do research on like formatting and stuff as well as just like looking through graphics to see if I find any inspiration from it and that's how I ended up finally uploading my first movie review, which kick started my desire to update this site more frequently agaim. And since I'm back in school, it'll be easier for me to update more frequently after the mini-break since I'm not having to go out of my way to boot up my computer. As of writing tis, I still don't have anything in the "stories" tab or the "music" tab, but I'm working on it.

I'm pretty sure that before I might have mentioned that "stories" would be for like, my stories that I've written and that the "music" tab would be like music review but after looking at some other sites to find inspiration, I decided that I'm going to take a slightly different approach. For the "stories" tab, I am instead going to use that for my thoughts on books that I've read, and the "music" tab will be used for just posting music that I like and maybe a short description of why I like it, since that should be a bit easier for me. Though I'm not sure if it would be better to upload an mp3 file for all of them (as well as the album cover) or just get the spotify embed for it and do it that way so like, if anybody just wants to listen to it in the app then they can. I feel like that might be more convenient but I'm not sure yet. But I'll get it figured out, eventually, maybe...

Also I have no idea when I'll finally get something in my stories tab because it takes me forever to read books and I'm also kinda picky with what I read cause like. No attention span. So don't expect anything soon but know that if I do read a book and have something to say about it that you're going to hear about it. (Also know that I won't do reviews on books that I didn't like because if I don't like them I literally just don't finish reading them cause why would I waste my time like that).

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