hair, snow, and school

There's no school today since it's snowing heavily, and also over the winter break I found out I might have curlier hair than I originaly thought. So, in my area where we live we're supposed to get up to a foot of snow, so school is out today. Only thing is, nobody at the school had the heart to go in and push back the due dates for the work since we don't have school today (since we're not supposed to be getting work on days that we don't have class anyway) so I have work for all of my classes to do today. But anyway, over the winter break I started getting recommended videos that are like, "does your hair do x and y? you might have curly hair!" and after watching a few of them it came to m attenion that they might be right, because although I do have a lot of damage to my hair, there are some strands tht have up to 5 twists in them. So, last week I started a new hair routine that would help my hair to go back to it's natural state.

I ordered some shampoo and conditioner (by Maui) that's supposed to help out damaged, dry hair so hopefully that'll work for me. Also, I ordered a microfiber towel and a scalp massager while I was at it, because I don't feel like having to use a tee shirt for my hair every time, yanno? Anyway, yesterday night we also found out that we already have a diffuser at our house, but it was still in the box that our blowdryer came in. So I'll definitely be trying that out today because the last time that I washed my hair and let it air dry it became so frizzy and over all kinda gross looking...

But anyway, I'm super excited to be getting my natural hair back and I don't ever remember being this excited to take a shower in my life. Usually I dread it because I hate having to like, adjust the water temperature and have to dry myself off and then have my clothes stick to me when I put them back on... but I think I'll be too excited to do my hair to even notice all of those things.

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