my health and no phone

The results from my doctor's appointment are in, and also my phone is unusable. So first of all, let's get the doctor's appointment out of the way. I had to get bloodwork done directly after my appointment and the next day the doctor called and said that she found that I am not anemic, but I do have really low iron so she called in a prescription so that I'll be able to get the exact amount that I need in order to stop feeling so dizzy and light-headed all the time. I guess the low iron levels also explain why I suddenly gained 5 lbs; low iron causes weight gain. I should've had my prescripyion yesterday, but the pharmacy was as unreliable as always, so last night I ended up needing assistance in walking because I felt so light, and even the slightest movement and I'd be moving a lot more than I anticipated. But anyway, we're picking up the prescription today.

And also for the past two days, I've been without a phone. Long story short, I used a youtube to mp4 converter and it downloaded a virus onto my phone. By the morning when I woke up, my phone was completely unusable. When you click the power button it does nothing, but when you click several times and hold it gives you the option to restart or to power off. Clicking either of these buttons does nothing, and the phone is no longer able to charge either. Luckily, I had insurance on my phone, and I was able to get it replaced. Only thing is, it's coming by mail and we called in the claim on a Saturday, so I won't be getting the phone until Monday or Tuesday, estimated.

On another note, since I've been bored out of my mind this weekend because I have nothing to do without my phone, I was able to finish watching the Child's Play movies, and also I watched Halloween the other day. I'm most likely going to give my review of Halloween first, since it will probably take some time to type up my complete review of every single Child's Play movie, because I have a lot of thoughts on them.

And although it may seem like I'm getting more done without my phone, it's only because this is the weekend. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do tomorrow, since I used my phone as an alarm to wake up, I had it alert me when I had upcoming classes, and I also used it as a timer for my food so that I could get other things done and not have to worry about starting a fire from burning my food in the oven. Hopefully tomorrow that shouldn't be too much of a problem, because I only have one physical class and the rest of the work is online and can be done whenver in the day. So as long as I keep my eye on the clock, I shouldn't be late to/miss my class. Tuesday, however, is a different story. But I'm hoping that my phone will be here by Monday, since the mailman is usually pretty fast and reliable with these sorts of things, and apparently as soon as we made the claim on my phone and were approved, they mailed out the replacement phone. Fingers crossed! And let this be a lesson to me and you both...

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